Why You Need to Experience the Bundaberg Rum Distillery

Bundaberg is renowned for the rum produced in this city, often referred to as Rum City for that very reason. When you visit Bundaberg, a must-not-miss experience is the tour of the Bundaberg Rum Distillery. Here’s why:

Discover More About Bundaberg

Starting your tour, you’ll learn the history behind the iconic Australian spirit brand and Bundy R. Bear. This insight will also shed light on the history of Bundaberg itself.

Interactive Museum Experience

Not only will you learn about the creation of this brand and its rise to popularity, but you’ll also discover unexpected facts. The museum, set within six 75,000-litre oak vats, allows you to immerse yourself at your own pace, listening to stories about the distillery.

Learn About the Process

Understanding the distillation and fermentation processes is a key part of making rum. Experts will guide you through these procedures during your tour, offering an unforgettable educational journey.

Get the Blend Your Own Rum Experience

Beyond the standard distillery tour, the Blend Your Own Rum Experience lets you craft your own rum, underlining the art of becoming a Master Blender.

Have Your Name on the Bottles

You’ll take home two personalized bottles of your blend, complete with your name—a lasting memento of your visit. The distillery keeps your recipe, so you can reorder your custom blend at any time.

Taste a Variety of Liqueurs

At the tour’s conclusion, taste the distillery’s finest offerings. Choose two samples from a selection of rums and liqueurs, such as Chocolate and Coffee, Salted Caramel, Banana and Toffee, and more.

Take Home the Best Rum

Purchase your favourite rum directly from the distillery, choosing from rums and liqueurs. It’s a unique experience, vastly different from a typical shop purchase.

The Bottom Line

The significance of the Bundaberg Rum Distillery extends beyond its products—it’s a vital piece of the city’s culture and history, operating since 1888. Learn directly from the source with this once-in-a-lifetime experience that shouldn’t be passed up.