10 Free Things to Do in Bundaberg

Bundaberg, affectionately known as Bundy or Rum City, is located in Queensland on the banks of the Burnett River. Famous for its Bundaberg Rum, the city offers much more as a tourist destination. Here are 10 free activities for visitors to enjoy:

Take a Trip to the Beach

Bundaberg’s beaches, including popular Bargara Beach and others like Neilson, Woodgate, and Moore Park, offer a relaxing atmosphere with the soothing sound of waves.

Spend Time with Nature

Explore natural wonders in Mount Walsh National Park, Cania Gorge National Park, Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, Alexandra Park, Baldwin Swamp Environment Park, and more, bringing you closer to nature.

Explore the Market

Visit Alloway Farm Market to discover local products and witness the roasting of Bundaberg’s special Barking Dog coffee.

Take a Tour of the Distillery

Kalki Moon Distillery offers free tours, including tastings of their diverse liquor selection.

Enjoy the Wine

Ohana Winery welcomes wine enthusiasts for free tastings and insights into winemaking from the owners.

Enjoy the Scenic View

Discover breathtaking lookout spots like The Hummock, Fred Haigh Dam, and Barolin Point.

Walk along the Turtle Trail

This trail connects Kelly’s Beach Bargara to Burnett Heads Harbour. It’s perfect for walking or cycling, with a chance to see Mon Repos Conservation Park.

Read the Day Away

Bundaberg Library offers a serene setting to learn about local history or indulge in reading.

Go to the Zoo

Alexandra Park Zoo, a popular family attraction, showcases various native and exotic animals.

Enjoy the Art

Bundaberg Regional Art Galleries, located in the city center, host various art exhibitions and events like workshops, artist talks, and educational programs to promote art in the community.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of Bundaberg’s attractions offering enjoyable experiences without straining your budget. They provide insight into the city’s culture and prove there’s more to Bundaberg than just its famed rum.